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für Verpflegungstechnik
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Planing Service Offering:

Further Services:
* Pre-planning
Creating a solution containing the core points.
* Drafting a plan
Creating a final solution for a planning task.
* Planning for authorisation
Working through specific guidelines to aquire the needed authorisation.
* Implementation planning
Processing an depicting the implementation-ready plan.
* Preparing for bidding
Investigating and creating a list of bid items, services and their quantities.
* Support and consulting when contracts are awarded
Checking and comparing offers and support during the contract offering process.
Company Organisation *
Workflow Planning *
Creating competence profiles -
Descriptions of functions -
Definging the workflow -
Creating work shedules -
Creating production plans -
Practical implementation -
and much more -
Business and Process Evaluation *
Evaluation of an entire system -
Training and retraining kitchen staff -
Post-projekt support -
Establishing Recipes *
Managing and Leading *
Kitchens an their Systems

Quality Control - Construction:

* Specialized, on-site building supervisor
* Final inspection and approval
* Project auditing